Inked up · weight loss

Project Inked Up – Day 22

Weight loss/gained: 0 lbs.

Pounds until first tattoo goal: 18 lbs.

Last week was full of ups and downs.  Still not doing good on the daily tracking. That and self care are on my list of goals for the week.  Also did a 3 mile walk in less than 1 hour (which is a miracle for me!). I’m looking forward to the day when my body doesn’t hurt after one of those events.  Completely missed the gym last week, but won’t this week (went yesterday).

Trying a slightly different layout in my food tracker (guess it’s almost a bullet journal) this week. Starting out the week with a page for my weight and goals and moving on to a page for each day’s food and water logs.  Hoping to have a new section in the planner by Friday for my workout logs.

Goals for the week:

  1. Workout 3 times at the gym.
  2. Monitor all food intake.
  3. Hit daily step goals.
  4. Daily self-care.
  5. Monitor water intake.

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