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Project Inked Up – Day 10

Not a good start to my weight loss program.  I ended up gaining almost 2 pounds and my first week I was unable to get my 5,000 steps in (heck, I still have 700 steps to go today that I won’t be getting in since I’m so blasted tired).  Also didn’t eat very well over the weekend while at my parents’ house.

So…started over on Tuesday!  I have 2 days of 5,000 + steps in.  Yes, I did have a bad food day on Tuesday, but I recorded it and had a better day today.  Tomorrow is the first day of protein shakes.  Before anyone starts telling me how bad those things are, I’m only doing it to kick start me on the path to weight loss and will slowly go back to normal eating.  The plan is to do 3 weeks of meal replacements for breakfast and lunch and then add back in lunch for 3 weeks.  After those 6 weeks I should have gained enough knowledge to bring back in healthy breakfasts.

Also started going to the gym 3 times a week.  Right now I’m trying to get prepped for a 3 mile walk next week Saturday, but I will be taking a class soon on how to do the circuit rooms.

I know I promised a picture of me…and it will come, just not tonight.  Tonight…I go to bed and get a good night sleep!

Night all my cupcakes!


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