Inked up · weight loss

Project Inked Up – Day one

I’ve wanted a tattoo for a while now.  Actually, I have quite a few planned at the moment.  One thing I need to do first is lose weight.  That got me thinking…why not do both at the same time.  This is where Project Inked Up comes in.

The rules are simple (I have enough complicated things going on in my life…I don’t need another thing to be complicated).  For every 20 pounds that I lose, I get a tattoo.

Let’s start with the basics of my weight loss goals:

  • I need to lose approx. 140 lbs.
  • I need to improve my diet by eating less junk and more healthy stuff.
  • I need to learn how to menu plan.
  • I need to learn the proper way to work out.

My plans to accomplish the above:

  • Starting small, going to monitor my food for a week to see where I need to make the most changes.
  • I plan on getting a minimum of 5K steps in a day.  (Working my way up to 10K)
  • Drinking a minimum of 64 oz of water every day.
  • Cutting back how much I eat out.
  • Researching healthy foods that are good for diabetics (family member is diabetic) and pre-diabetics (me).
  • Talking to someone at Weight Watchers about their programs.
  • Scheduling gym time in my planners.  😀
  • Posting weekly updates here on my planner (will post pictures of me next week)


If anyone has any suggestions on where I can find some good food sites, please leave me a comment.



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