A Month of Love

Hello my little cupcakes!

I can’t believe it’s February already!  Where has this year gone so far?

So yeah…it’s February…month of Valentine’s day.  This year, I thought I would expand the day to last all month and be a month of love.  So why not expand the meaning of it also?  I’m going to learn to not only love myself more, but also learning new ways to love my family and friends, as well as my surroundings.

Right now, my plans are to:

  • keep a daily record of water intake and steps taken
  • do little things for my husband to show how much I love him
  • actually work on communicating with friends and family better
  • attempt to make it to the gym at least once a week
  • start my weight loss blanket (will be showing progress on here)
  • actually schedule “me time”
  • keep an active planner

I need to be held accountable for all this, so hopefully I will be posting updates once (or more) a week.

Also planning to start doing “plan with me” videos.  Just need to figure out how to edit, set up, lighting, find the battery for our camera, etc…

More to come

Love from the Apothecary!


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