What is being a good neighbor?

My husband and I appear to be in a small feud with one of our neighbors. One that we apparently started and didn’t realize it.

Here is the back story on this one. The house we bought a little over a year ago was Todd’s childhood home, which we bought from his parents, and the neighbors in question are friends with his parents. Our house has also been broken into (thankfully we got all but three items back from) so I’m a little anxious about people we don’t know coming onto our property without permission first.

Recently, we had someone run a power cord not just through our yard, but our other neighbor’s yard as well to get to the one in question’s house. They did not ask our permission, or the one neighbor’s…just the ones that are friend’s with hubby’s parents. They also told them that it would be just fine with us to go through our yard. Personally, this made me feel very uncomfortable and anxious about the well being of my little furballs and the fact that we are STILL trying to clear out poison ivy in our yard. That night, after hearing about it, we posted a no trespassing sign on our gate and shut it. This was about two weeks ago. I, personally, do not think what we did was wrong…especially when the neighbor’s in question have both Todd’s and my phone numbers and could have called for permission.

We’ve recently had some bad storms in our area that required a lot of clean up. When hubby went to assist his dad with some clean up, we found out that the neighbor that are friends with them complained to them about our no trespassing sign and shut gate. I’ve sent them a request that if they have any complaints about us, to please come to us and not his parents.

Thing is…this made me wonder what it means to be a good neighbor.

To me…

  • A good neighbor respects their neighbor’s property.
  • They do not do things to alter the property without permission from the homeowner.
  • They do not allow a complete stranger to go through their yard without permission from the homeowner.
  • If they have a problem with the homeowner, they go to them and not a relative of ours.
  • They respect their neighbor’s privacy.
  • They help out if needed.

I really want to hear what you think about what being a good neighbor is all about?


One thought on “What is being a good neighbor?

  1. I agree with all of those points when it comes to being a good neighbor. And not knowing EVERYTHING but one side of the story, I’m going to point out item number 4 up there. (If they have a problem with the homeowner, they go to them and not a relative of ours.) The same applies in reverse. To be a good neighbor, you go to that neighbor and discuss the situation, not post a sign that pretty much says, “Fuck You”
    While you have every right to post the sign and not go to them for behaving improperly… you sorta do the same by reacting to the situation that way. If they needed access (due to no easement), they should have asked you… if you had a problem, you should have talked with them.
    My two cents.


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